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How Attunement Counseling can best support you

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

1 hour  /   $175

How do we invest in ourselves?  Education, fitness, diet...  There are many ways to enrich our lives.  Counseling is a personal investment that may offer profound alignment, integration, and overall wellness.

We all have past wounds that inform how we live our lives.  These openings in our psyche, minds, and body may offer a sense of disconnection or when addressed, a deeper knowing.  In the counseling process, we begin the journey inward, towards those places that have shifted over the years into hidden pain.  Together we bring these parts of our story into the light, to be understood and integrated.  Life's experiences become a place where wisdom and empathy reside.

Combining mindfulness and IFS techniques we illuminate patterns that may no longer serve.  From a place of deep knowing, clients are empowered to create and employ new ways of being that align with their best life.

Attunement Counseling is also taking new insurance clients with:
United Healthcare, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Oxford,
Oscar Health, Lucent Health, and Friday


Guided Med for Healing

Guided Meditations for Healing

1 hour  /   $175

There are places within which the thinking mind may not have direct access.  Places that exist between body and spirit, a liminal space.  Hidden internal landscapes that hold our greatest challenges as well as the key to our greatest healings.

During a Guided Meditation for Healing session, we orient to the present challenge or focus.  Once a focus is discovered, the client is guided with specific imagery catered for their unique process. 


During the meditation we traverse together through the clients sensations, emotions, and memories while offering space for powerful processing and integration to occur. 


In closing, we gently return from the depths where I then hold space for the client to further process and integrate their experience.


Group Counseling

Group Counseling

1 hour  /   cost varies

As members a community we go through similar experiences.  Group therapy is a powerful way to explore the depths of shared experiences.  Together as a group we navigate painful, joyous, and challenging experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Recognizing one's own pain through another's story may allow the experience of feeling deeply understood and validated.

I facilitate groups both virtually and in-person.  The group size may vary depending on the topic.  I typically work with groups ranging in size from 4 to 10.  Please inquire about pricing and scheduling below.   

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