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Attunement Counseling

Harmonize the mind, body and spirit  Experience your Best Self

Attunement Counseling is a uniquely formatted holistic practice that incorporates individual counseling, meditation and energy healing into a single session. 


  • Individual counseling identifies limiting beliefs harnessed within the mind enabling empowering shifts in behavior. 

  • Meditation opens each session bringing awareness back into the present moment; where sustainable change can occur. 

  • Mindfulness coaching, teaches essential daily tools to stay present, focused and centered in the face of life's demanding circumstances. 

  • Lastly, non-touch Reiki energy healing engages with the subtle, yet highly influential energetic body by clearing arrested energy. 


Attunement Counseling's mission is to bring harmony to the mental and energetic systems of the individual creating a balanced and centered state.

"The privilege of a life time is to become who you really are."     -C.G. JUNG


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