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Relationship Reading

Guided Meditations for Healing

1 hour  /   $150

There are certain places our thinking minds cannot touch.  Places that exist between our body and spirit.  When these hidden landscapes deep within us are discovered and tended to the foundation we build our lives upon can find a new alignment.  One that supports our highest functioning.  

Before moving into the meditation, I orient to the present challenge or focus.  If there is no known challenge or focus, we will enter a discovery space to learn what, just under the surface, is craving to be tended to. 


After this initial orientation, I offer a relaxing space for my client to settle into the meditation.  I guide my client with specific imagery catered for their unique process.  During the meditation we walk together through sensations, emotions, and memories that may arise.  This is done in a compassionate and safe space. 

Once the mediation is complete my client and I gently return from the depths where space is held to discuss and process their journey.

Guided meditations for healing are a gift to relieve the unseen pain we all keep.  Allowing for healing from the inside out.  


Group Counseling

1 hour  /   cost varies

As members of a local and global community we may go through similar experiences.  Group therapy is a powerful way to explore the depths of such shared experiences.  Navigating together the painful, beautiful, and challenging experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Recognizing your own pain through another person's story allows us to feel deeply understood and validated so we can begin to heal the wounds that brought us here.  

I work with groups both virtually and in-person.  The group size may vary depending on the topic.  I typically work with groups ranging in size from 4 to 10.  Please inquire about pricing and scheduling.  

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