Areas of Expertise

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Attunement Counseling approaches human behavior from the theoretical perspective that adopted identities are a tool to survive and function in society.  When identities are adopted unconsciously, the experience of one's life may become misaligned with their deepest desires, aspirations or passions.  In a safe, non-judgemental environment the client is empowered at Attunement Counseling to recognize their agency over what identities they maintain, dismantle or create anew.  Once the author learns the pen is resting in their hand, they can begin to write their own story.    

Therapeutic Approach - Mindfulness, Narrative, Non-directive Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with applied Rogerian and Gestalt techniques. 

Mindfulness Coaching & Meditation

Bringing the focus into the present moment, where we most effectively create change, Meditation is woven into each session. 

Mindfulness techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Sensory Awareness, and Breathing Techniques are taught to increase resiliency to the challenges of daily life.  These methods restore and calm the nervous system enabling productivity and an overall sense of well-being.  

Energy Healing - Reiki

At Attunement Counseling, hands-off Usui Reiki is incorporated into the counseling session.  Reiki aids in clearing and balancing our energetic centers which are inextricably connected to our emotional bodies.  Thoughts, experiences and behaviors are all energy patterns that can become anchored in our energetic body which then influence our mental and physical health.  As the Reiki Practitioner allows for "Ki", or universal life-force, to transmit through their hands old, mal-daptive energy patterns can clear from the client's energetic system.  A clear energetic body allows the Ki to flow through the energy centers, or chakras.   


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